52 Weekends, 52 Adventures

Last week I started a new full-time job and will not be able to take a vacation for at least a year. It has been nearly 11 months since I had my last break from work, so it will be roughly 2 years of no vacation time which is not going to be easy for me to deal with. My plan is to use the weekends and holidays to do short activities that will hopefully hold me over for this year and allow me to experience new places and things I would otherwise not likely do.

52 weekends with 52 adventures!

A few things on the list so far include:

  • Snowshoe a long hike in the winter
  • Learn to snowboard
  • Visit nearby National Parks
  • Short holiday 3 day vacation
  • Do a 50-mile march
  • Make and camp out in a snow shelter
  • Explore a lot of trails in the area
  • Ride some Jeep trails
  • Overnight backpacking trips

This holiday weekend will be my first weekend to give this a shot. I’ll be heading to Arkansas to spend just over a day on a lake. Really looking forward to getting away even for this short time as a kind of mini-vacation.


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