Amazon Mechanical Turk Income Experiment

For the next 3 weeks I will be working on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk trying to maximize my hourly rate. I want to see if this is a possible means of reliable income while traveling. My intention is to spend a minimum of 1 hour each weekday, as early as possible in the mornings, for the next 3 weeks. The timeline below is a rough schedule of my plan.

Amazon has a Mechanical Turk FAQ page if you’re not familiar with the terms used.

Week 1

Complete as Many HITs as I can

I will be doing as many HITs as I can in order to build up my completed HIT count. Having a high count will open up more and better paying opportunities because some requesters require workers with high accuracy and completion rates. Currently my account sits at just under 300 approved HITs from work done in the past. Wanting to get as close to 1,000 in the next 3 weeks.

Week 2

Start Working with Scripts & Continue Building HIT Stats

After I get a good feel for the platform and improve my stats, the next step is to install browser scripts designed for mTurk and learn to maximize my time with higher paying HITs and various techniques for accepting a greater number of these better jobs.

Week 3

Work at it Like a Job and Maximize my Hourly Rate

This last week will be focused on combining everything learned and also trying to spend more time each day working the platform.

My goal is to end week 3 with an hourly rate of at least $10.

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