Trades and Updates for February 2017

Not much happened in February, trying to slow down on the frequent buying and selling and instead focus on making longer term trades with the goal of growing my portfolio of dividend producing stocks.

2/2/2017 Robinhood MSFT Buy 16 $62.990 $1,007.84
2/3/2017 Robinhood AMZN Buy 1 $813.600 $813.60
1/10/2017 FID IRA SBX Buy 20 $56.170 $1,123.40 $7.95
1/27/2017 FID IRA FENY Buy 54 $20.985 $1,133.19
2/14/2017 Robinhood AMZN Sell 1 $835.800 $835.80 2.73%
2/14/2017 Robinhood FSM Buy 157 $6.390 $1,003.23

Total February performance for all accounts ended with a gain of 2.63%.

This is only my second month of logging the numbers for all accounts in one spreadsheet, it’s very encouraging to see everything and have an overall picture of how my money is working for me. I will be receiving a sizable tax refund in the next few weeks and need to decide on how to best invest that windfall.

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