Plex Project is Finished!

It took me several months to do it, but I have finished archiving all of our DVD and Blue Ray discs onto a NAS for use with Plex. 285 Movies and roughly 1300 TV episodes totaling 3.5 Terabytes.

PLEX Media Server Home Page

I’ll be posting a mini guide or something to that extent in the future detailing the process I went through and some of the things I learned while accomplishing this.

Some Things About Today & Tomorrow

Checked off all 3 items on my task list today, most of them were simple things that just needed to get done. The big thing was to get some flash cards done for learning Russian. I’m trying to get the pronunciation of the alphabet worked out right now, so I started with that on the flash cards.

Tomorrow is my last day in town for a few weeks as I will be in Colorado with family. While there I intend to keep up with the habits and practices I have been working on this year.


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