6 November 2018 - Trade Review

This is the start of me posting the reviews and charts of the trades I am making. Sometimes these will be on the day of the trade and others the day after. It would be best to have them the day after so I can have time to consider what went wrong and what went right.

2018.11.06 - CRON.PNG

I made 1 trade yesterday, going long in the premarket with CRON. +200 @ 8.4899 at 06:48. My reason for going long was the touching o the pivot line at 8.46. Initially I was going to hold off for a buy at around 8.55 when price would have gone past a little resistance area. Impatience got the better of me and went ahead and made the buy. SL was set at 8.27 at the trade but later moved down to 8.20 after a bit of premarket movement. Finally stopped out at my 8.2 SL for a loss of $57.98.

Afterwards i noticed the support at $8.15 and how the price respected that area and continued on well past my initial TP for this trade. So I was stopped out by .05 on this trade.

Learn to Look at the Entire Chart

This is what my focus will be on today, looking at the bigger picture for support and resistance areas like the one I overlooked yesterday.

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